Reminder! Will Penally Arson Cover-Up Be Busted?

The morning has passed, usefully devoted to washing and a walk to the tukang sayur ( veggie vendor) and the arvo finds me tackling a new challenge.

I am no cook but writing so much about Greece recently conjured up the happy memory of moussaka…



…and in line with my ‘new abnormal’ practice of finding things to do to alleviate the ennui of being at home so much, I decided to make some, as a surprise for tomorrow’s ever-welcome visitor.

Worryingly, what I have created bears little resemblance to that dish in the picture. 


However, that’s merely a personal and totally irrelevant prelude to what my headline’s about!

‘Asylum’ Arson? Massive UK Police/Press Cover-Up? 


After our alert to UK readers a few days ago, I’ll be curious to learn if the Penally ‘panel’ has censored questions about the massive media/police cover-up of the ‘asylum’ arson?




One local newspaper….

The noon meeting, which will be live streamed, has been arranged to address residents’ questions and concerns about the arrival of asylum seekers at the former Ministry of Defence camp.

….has revealed a batch of questions from one local government notable, the Penally county councillor Jon Preston, some of which are boring council stuff, but some others might elicit interesting answers.

A sample, with my comments

When will the report from the Home Office scoping exercise to ’assess community impact’ be made public?


How will the Home Office support the additional costs incurred by Pembrokeshire taxpayers to support public services, the Police operation and the healthcare provisions associated with the asylum facility?

So how much EXACTLY…

…is the crimmigrant camp going to cost?

What process has been employed to ensure the safeguarding of vulnerable adults who have been given (a reported) 24 hours’ notice removed from established support networks in the UK and placed into a militarised setting hundreds of miles from their familiar surroundings and with little or no explanation?

What kind of a question is this?

Who gives a tinker’s cuss about ‘safeguarding’ a pack of illegal aliens – much more important to safeguard Penally folk…


…especially since one of the inmates appears to be an arsonist?

 Will the Home Office give assurance to the people of Penally and Pembrokeshire that the camp will be returned to the MoD within the stipulated 12 month period?

And will that mean the aliens have been deported…



…especially the guilty fire-bug?

Members of the public will be able to watch the meeting by visiting: