Britain, Canada, Oz Should Follow This Example!

An excellent move by Donald Trump, or rather another excellent move, for he has already done so much to meet his pledge to make America great again…



….but I refer today to his resuscitation of that wise old American policy of keeping out communists.

There have long been laws, gathering dust in the USA statute book, which state quite clearly that any alien who has ever been a member or affiliate of a Communist Party is “inadmissible” for immigration into the United States. ( see USCIS Policy Manual)



There are exceptions allowed, for anyone forced to enrol in CP ranks, etc. and, notably, for people with a conscience, i.e. who quit and then “actively opposed the doctrine, program, principles, and ideology…”

…but that’s fair enough.

If they have seen the light and understand that the only good communist is a dead one, they are likely to be a boon to any society.

The point my headline makes is that it’s long overdue that countries inundated with ‘students’ from Red China, or any Chinese who refuse to repudiate the evil dogmas of marxism and/or their bare-faced support for the totalitarian tyrant in Beijing…



…should be doing what the Trump Administration has just done.

If you cherish your country’s freedom, then – do all you can to keep your country unpolluted, and cleanse it of plague-carriers you find within it borders, vermin of whom Canada has a surfeit…

Don’t Confuse Good Chinese-Canadians With Red Scum! 

VANCOUVER, BC., August 18, 2019 - Scenes from a rally outside the Chinese consulate to protest against "police brutality" against pro-Hong Kong supporters by police in Hong Kong as well as pro China demonstrators, in Vancouver, BC., August 18, 2019. (NICK PROCAYLO/PNG) 00058411A ORG XMIT: 00058411A [PNG Merlin Archive]

Pro-Communist ratbags soil a Canadian street

“This is Canada! Go back to China!” 


…..and Australia too.

Look at these red vermin in Oz, fanatic, snarling adherents of Beijing’s Adolf the Pooh….


Image result for pro-beijing sydney

…although in Oz, unlike Canada, senior politicians do seem to have a grasp of reality. 

Well Said, Dutton! Communists Are Vermin! 


And don’t forget the UK, where Red Chinese louts at a university in Manchester confronted decent young Chinese protesters on the Hong Kong democracy issue


Every single individual who comes from Red China, knocking on the door of any Western democracy, should be subjected to the most rigorous vetting…

….and before obtaining any sort of visa, must be required to sign a declaration of detestation and contempt for the doctrines of Karl Marx.

It’s only a pity that home-grown disciples of that demonic prophet cannot be deported to lands where his evil holds sway.