EU Anti-Terror Cooperation? Only If Bojo Sells Out!

It remains to be seen if there are even a handful of fragmentary vertebrae between Boris Johnson’s skull and waist, but I’d say it’s a waste of time to speculate, IF the latest report in the Guardian is accurate.

The EU has since the start of the trade and security negotiation said that future cooperation on internal security would be conditional on a written commitment that the ECHR would continue to apply.

‘Internal Security,’ of course, means the fight against terrorism, and you’d think that after the Islamist atrocities in Paris…



…and Berlin, yes and Brussels too, even the lax leaderships in those cities might have just enough conscience NOT to make cooperation ‘conditional’ on Britain’s continued subservience to foreign law.

Sadly, not so…

One of the most abhorrent aspects of ‘Europe’ – and by that I don’t mean Europe….

…but the EUSSR – is the arrogant intrusion of supranational commissars and courts into British criminal law. 

We have long known that Brussels will, by their own admission, do all in its power to safeguard the most brutal evil-doers from paying the price they should.

We also know that the ECHR is a menace.

But its rancid liberalism was inserted into UK law in the ludicrous Human Rights Act, obliging one judge after another to make deranged rulings on all kinds of cases.

Britannia Dolorosa – Sceptred Isle Now Garbage Dump – Thanks to ‘Human Rights Act’ 




Those letters refer not only to the European Court of Human Rights but also to the European Convention on Human Rights, a body established well over half a century ago, by statesmen from across Europe, many, if not most, of whose governments had the death penalty embedded in their laws…



….yet it somehow discovered that its codes prohibit that same penalty in any circumstances.

You may like or dislike capital punishment, but it should be up to you, by your votes, to decide.

Not a bunch of foreign ideologues, any more than it should be up to that ECHR court, which is infested by disciples of the billionaire meddler.

Better to call them The Soros Squad!


Yet now we read that its malign sway will continue if Bojo does a dirty deal, by which, even if the ECHR’s direct dominion over the UK is technically ended, Bojo will bind Brit law to accord with its ‘spirit!’

As recently as last month, it had been reported that the prime minister had been looking at weakening the hold of the Human Rights Act so as to curb its use by migrants and asylum seekers seeking to avoid deportation….

But now?

Johnson wants to stick with its ‘spirit?’


That’s an evil spirit which should be exorcised from Her Majesty’s realms and territories!

Brexit was and is in most British eyes all about taking back control!

We all heard Bojo say so!



But now?

A UK government spokesman said: “The UK remains committed to the ECHR – we have been clear on that time and time again, including in parliament.“

The swine has no spine!