Don’t Gag My Black Voice! Stacy Calls Out BBC’s Mannerless Maitlis!

That haggard leftist cow Emily Maitlis needs to be fired.

Hardly a new thought!

Nor one that is not widely held, but after the boorish bitch’s obnoxious treatment of a young black American lady on BBC’s Newsnight(mare) programme this week…


..which I watched today at lunchtime –  Jakarta time – I must say it’s time for everyone to lodge a complaint –

-about the Canadian ( I’m ashamed to say) leftist lousette.



Time and again she interrupted her guest, not both of her guests, but only the polite black gal whom she clearly viewed as an ideological enemy. 

But The Maitlis’ victim fought back, so all possible praise to Stacy Washington of Black Voice for Trump…



.. who, unlike many of those who venture into the spider’s web and just sit through the biased rigmarole which passes for style in Mannerless Maitlis…

…Stacy fought back and called out the cow for its tiresome, Trumpophobic interruptions.

’You’re the moderator but you’re taking sides.’

‘if you’d let me speak…’

Stacy naturally was not given the courtesy she was entitled to expect..



…but she made sure the worldwide audience were aware of how the BBC just can’t play fair!

Of course no such complaints from the Democrat guest!

Why would there be?

They were singing from the same song-sheet!



That how UK Pravda works, and Maitlis exemplifies the absence of any trace of impartiality in Britain’s tax-funded propaganda channel.