Fly Off, Killjoys! Carbon Cranks Grizzle And Whine!

I was looking at the Australian channel yesterday, not always a fun experience…



…but was amused at a report of a new craze, flying to nowhere!


I don’t like flying but many do.


As far as I can make out, some airlines, desperate to earn a few bob/bucks, are offering to load up aircraft with people who love air travel, then zoom into the sky, swan about up there for a while, then bring them back!

I do not enjoy flying.

I do it, but only because there’s no alternative to reach Australia, or anywhere these days.

But if some folks have the money and the time, who am I to criticise them –



 – to each his own!

Just as I like meals similar to those in the above photo, whereas muesli-munching stuck-ups don’t.

Muesli-munching stuck-up


My characteristic tolerance is not everywhere replicated.

Almost inevitably, killjoys have reared their ugly heads.


And equally inevitably, the grouchy pinko Guardian has given them a platform…

’Climate Campaigners Condemn Joy Flights For Travellers Who Miss Flying!’

…to whine and grizzle about ‘carbon emissions,’ of which the fun-fliers are naturally guilty.

I dislike killjoys…

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….and have often railed at them.

Now here’s another one, 

Anna Hughes, director of sister campaign Flight Free UK, said “I understand why they are doing it – but it really is insanity – a flight to nowhere is simply emissions for the sake of it. If that’s the society we’ve built, where we’re that addicted to flying, then we have a serious problem.”

No, honey-chile, it’s you that has a serious problem, just as those examples above in various countries around the world have a serious problem with golliwogs, songs, Hallowe’en, Valentines, bikinis, alcohol…

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…oh, and bacon!

…which, like flying to aerophiles, are a source of pleasure to many.

Nobody’s going to force Agitated Anna to board a plane.

 In the year prior to the Chinese Virus, despite my aerophobia, I flew to Bali, Labuan Bajo, Banyuwangi, Sydney and Indochina.

No Regrets!

For fun!

What does Agitated Anna do for fun?

Count carbon emissions?