Massive Berlin Cop Op Ousts Far-Left Freaks – At Last!

Strangely, DW News had nothing on the eviction of a nest of perverts from Liebigstraße 34, which is a building on a street in Berlin’s notorious Friedrichshain neighbourhood, occupied for years and years by undesirables.



By undesirables, I don’t just mean that their personal characteristics are not what any normal person would feel comfortable living next door to!



The denizens of No.34 are far-left militants, actually described by their own supporters as ‘anarcho-feminist-queers….’


…and as we all know the far-left in Germany, as elsewhere, are, more often than not, vicious violent thugs….



….more or less indistinguishable from the Red Nazi Antifa hoodlum gangs. 

That’s why the poor bailiff yesterday had some 2500 police officers, ‘because the left-wing occupiers threatened excessive force.’

 And that was no idle threat, because, as the AfD’s Kompakt tells us, since the beginning of the week they have lived up to their bad reputation and left a trail of devastation through the whole city.…/raeumung-von-liebig-34-berlin…

If you doubt the AfD, their link provides another, to the local newspaper, Berliner Zeitung, which provides full detail. English language option available.

Very strange that the tax-funded propaganda channel kept the story out of the midnight TV news bulletin (Jakarta time) because their online site…

….had quite a lot about it, including reference to the Antifa aspect, and perhaps most notably a quote from the vermin element – 

All of Berlin Hates the Police.”

A grotesque lie, of course, as you’d expect from marxists, though unfortunately it’s true of a significant minority, who have colonised certain districts in the German capital.

Hence no wonder that the police reported how ‘glass projectiles and fireworks were thrown at officers within the closed-off zone. Throughout the night protesters allegedly burned tires, garbage dumpsters and set fire to the Tiergarten metro station building.

All sympathy to the cops, but the infestation has been allowed to fester for years, due to an unwillingness to tackle the problem.

Berlin’s local governing council is an embarrassment. The city is a mess.

Sadly, although the red rats in their squats are being gradually evicted, more and more districts are filling up with new kinds of anti-socials, imported from overseas…as in Sonnenallee –

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…transformed over several decades from a German neighbourhood into something resembling a casbah…

…and many more imported by Mama Stasi Merkel.

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