Today’s ‘Who Gives A Flip’ Media Revelation!

I can’t imagine anyone in the world giving more than one and a half tinker’s cusses that ‘Reese Witherspoon reveals the candidate she will vote for in US elections,’ except perhaps Reese’s mummy and maybe her boy-friend..

…and if I’m wrong and thoughtful voters have been waiting for her decision, I’m sorry for them, because the headline in Geo TV turns out to be….well, untrue!

Reese Witherspoon does NOT reveal which candidate she will vote for.

All we learn from intense perusal of the article is that Reese hopes her fans will support ‘the candidates who protect women’s rights.’

One might interpret that as disapproval of Kamala Harris, who, after all, has expressed admiration for somebody facing a warrant for serious sexual assault.


kamala blake from

Kamala Harris Told Jacob Blake She Was ‘Proud’ of Him, Lawyer Says – Yahoo News

…Or indeed Sleepy Joe!
Tara Reade: What are the sex attack allegations against Joe Biden? – BBC News. May 3, 2020 — Mr Biden has been accused of being “touchy feely” by multiple women, but this is the first public accusation of serious sexual misconduct against him…

But honestly, do people actually take guidance on how their country is governed from ‘celebrities?’

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‘…you piece of shit, asshole, motherfucking, evil-creature-person!!’

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If so, God Save America!