Death Threat Savage Sentenced To Write An Essay!

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Now the story from Mama Stasi Merkel’s wonderful new Germany!



A pack of alien savages ran amok at Dusseldorf Swimming Pool last year.

One of the rioters, an African-born 17-year-old, Amaru C by name, threatened to murder a young female lifeguard.

According to the prosecution, the young person said to a lifeguard: “If we see each other privately, I’ll smack you against the wall.”

“I’ll kill you!”

Urteil in Düsseldorf: Rheinbad-Randalierer muss Aufsatz schreiben

Amaru C, the dirty alien savage – German law deliberately obstructs identification of guilty garbage!


Brought to ‘justice,’ which in present-day Germany is a sick joke, he was not made subject to a deportation order, nor sentenced to the sound thrashing the filthy savage dearly needs…



…nor even put in prison to teach the brute a lesson.

Instead, the filthy scumbag has been told to write an essay, about ‘Crisis Situations!’

The trial against him took place behind closed doors. The reason for the mild sentence is said to be that Amaru C. has no criminal record and also regularly goes to school. In youth law, the focus is on education

Why educate a pig?

For more info, please use the German media link – it’s not a long report and Google Translate will give you a quick English language version.