After Penally Arson Cover-Up, Now It’s A ‘Sporting Injury?’

Since the police and the media went into total stone-walling mode over the arsonist at Penally…


Reminder! Will Penally Arson Cover-Up Be Busted?

…should we expect anything except another wall of silence around the latest incident, described as a ‘sporting injury’ in local press reports!?!



It was good to see UKIP’s Neil Hamilton join concerned locals outside the camp…


Neil Hamilton AM (28136586146).jpg

UKIP Leader Neil Hamilton

….but was there even one elected Conservative notable there?  

Are they under orders from Bojo to steer clear of public displays of solidarity with protesting Brits?

Surely, too, it would be better if the protests were organised not sporadically but on a weekly basis, to keep up pressure and demand deportations.

It would be better still if even one MP had enough backbone to stand up and demand answers in the House of Commons the next time Priti Patel shows up.

Her Home Office minion’s plaintive pro-crimmigrant whining on that Pembrokeshire council ‘consultation’ video was so much at odds…

Priti’s Girl Exalts Crimmigrants : ‘Just Like You And Me!’ 

….with the line Ms. Patel took at the Tory Party conference last week…

  Priti Patel says Tories will bring in new laws for ‘broken’ UK asylum system
Oct 4, 2020

…that patriotic people have been left wondering if Priti has a grip on her underlings or is it the other way around?