Invasion – Spain’s Craven Response? More Free Lodgings!

Our goal is to have a stable network of accommodation resources in the Canary Islands,” tweeted Immigration Minister Jose Luis Escriva after a visit to the islands on Saturday..

What an abysmal response to a massive alien invasion, as the headline above those craven words tells us!

Over a thousand migrants land in Spain’s Canary Islands

More than a thousand migrants in 485 small boats have landed in the Canary Islands in the past two days.

There’s something very sick about Spain’s current leadership, from the PSOE leftist prime minister in Madrid…


Image result for pedro sanchez"

Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s PM


…all the way down to the pro-crimmigrant local leaders on those islands..

Local politicians have urged the Spanish government to provide them with more resources to accommodate the influx. – which I’ve never visited but heard they’re a lovely place for a holiday.

Migrants arrive in Gran Canaria

Canary Island’s new ‘tourists’ – illegal alien males of military age!


More resources to accommodate these parasites? Chain them up, till air force planes arrive to send them back!

We covered the Canary Islands’ incursions not that long ago, how the political class insulted and abused decent islanders who were protesting against the paradite influx…

Spain’s Collabo Leaders Exalt Illegals, Abuse Resisters! 


C’mon, Euronews! At Least PRETEND To Be Fair To Spanish Victims!

….but now, with ‘the largest number of migrant arrivals since 2006 in the past 48 hours,’ surely patriots will be protesting again.

There are some echoes of British folly in the report, on how the illegals…

.. traveled across the Atlantic in small fishing boats and were met by sea rescue vessels close to the islands…. 


But at least Priti Patel is talking the proper talk, recognising that the aliens should not be coming, in sharp contrast to Spain…

‘Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ Spain’s ‘Youngster’ Migrant Blight! 

….where, despite the obviously dreadful impact the primitive tsunami is having, all over the kingdom, only the Vox patriot party talks sense with calls for deportation.