The Bomb Beast’s Brother!

After our suggestion that a bleating rich barrister identify himself or pipe down…

Identify This Legalouse, “Scared,” But Heedless Of Migrants’ Many Victims! 

…now we have another case of a person who, although we do know his name, is refusing to behave as a responsible citizen should –

– if indeed he is a citizen!

I’m talking about this S.O.B….


Ismail Abedi, last known residential info, Whalley Range

….Ismael Abedi, who has been telling people that he dare not attend a public inquiry because his ‘answers may incriminate him.’

Clearly it would be quite wrong to assume somebody’s guilt or complicity purely because both his brothers are filthy jihadist mass-murdering scum.

But, given the words quoted above, our concerns do not exist purely on grounds of blood relationships.

Ismail Abedi is still in Manchester, not behind bars, even though…



..the inquiry has heard that in 2015 he was stopped by police after arriving at Heathrow Airport and that his mobile phone had contained recruitment videos and literature produced by the Islamic State group.

The inquiry has also been told that his Facebook account had earlier been viewed by MI5 and seen to show, among other things, a picture of Ismail holding a machine gun with an IS logo imprinted on the image.

And here’s that photo!

Ismail AbediI wonder why the swine was toting an ISIS-brand rifle.

This man must be made to come clean on what he knows about the blood spilt by a filthy ingrate alien who was given shelter in the UK and repaid his debt by slaughtering 22 completely innocent people ( including seven children) at a concert.

Incidentally, while preparing this blog post, I came across an article in France24, which, although referring to the scummy family…

……makes a useful point Brits might be wise to note.


The Libyan Islamists, under the banner of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), attempted to overthrow Gaddafi, but were thwarted, crushed, and those who could escape to Europe found MULTICULTURAL BRITAIN a perfect destination.

My capitals!

What I thought was disturbing about the BBC report that prompted me to write this was that Ismael Abedi ‘s car number plate was deliberately blurred…


….so that honest citizens wanting answers cannot keep their eyes peeled when they’re out and about.

Undesirables with something to hide ought to be dragged out into the light of day, exposed to relentless public scrutiny.

AND to that public inquiry.