Congratulations, Ken Cuccinelli! DW’s Lefty Grouch Routed!

That’s a stupid question!’….

Ken Cuccinelli official photo.jpg
Senior Official Performing the Duties of the United States Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

If you don’t want me to answer questions, I’m not sure why I’m sitting here.’

That ill-mannered old grouch Tim Sebastian…



….is surely due for compulsory retirement soon, after his typically cack-handed, snarling, leftist ‘interview’ with Ken Cuccinelli, a prominent member of Donald Trump’s law enforcement team.

It was hardly an interview in any normal sense.

Except in DW’s alternative ideological universe…

Smart Pole Hammers DW’s Ole Grumpy-Guts! 

…as we have seen before with Sebastian The Crab, who has been bested time and again!

One smear after another disguised as questions, till T.S.’s combative guest felt obliged to say the curmudgeonly inquisitor was – quote –

‘..acting like a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee!’

Congratulations, Ken!

You didn’t just put the grizzled DW bigot in his place. You chewed him up and spat him out.

DO watch the show!

You’ll enjoy seeing a rabid old left-media running-dog figuratively kenneled.



What a pity the rest of the German tax-funded broadcasting channel don’t get the same kenneling….

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…for they richly deserve it!