There’s A Lot Of Smart People In Italy!

Few believe the Government’s story

So says a report out of Italy, after a poll on how much trust Italians place in their government and the media.

The reality of the facts is very far and distant from the real situation that the country is experiencing, according to 69.0% of Italians.

 Just 16.7% consider it very close, while 14.3% prefer not to express themselves. 

The lack of correspondence between the government narrative and everyday reality is almost total among the voters of Fratelli d’Italia (97.8% vs 0.9%), and is still very high in the Lega electorate (83.7% vs 3, 2%).

Unsurprising that the patriot parties’ supporters are the most sceptical but heartening that the distrust extends right across the electorate!

I wonder if any similar survey has been carried out in English-speaking countries.

Surely people there have as much sense as the wise folks in Italy?