Dorset’s Dork Councillors -A Sorry Pack Of Pukes!

No apologies for this belated look at the Dorset Dorks, aka the councillors in that English county elected to ‘represent’ the people, who allow themselves to be censored by leftist ideologues.



We wrote about another klutz-crop, the Milton Keynes city councillors a month or so ago…

The Un-British Councillors Of Milton Keynes, UK 

….and basically concluded that their lack of brains was closely matched by their absence of backbones.

A contemptible crowd, and now we know there are some similarly pathetic prats, down in Dorset, not least the person at the centre of the story, identified as Lytchett Matravers and Upton councillor Bill Pipe.


Councillor Bill Pipe


Pipe could have been the hero of the tale, for he dared say what most normal British people think, when ‘officials discussed figures which showed black people are 25 times more likely to be stopped and searched by the county’s police force.’

After prefacing his comment with the almost compulsory grovel words that he was not racist…’

Pipe attempted to justify why police officers might want to target individuals people in stop and search operations.

Note how the media hack slants the story, ‘attempted to justify,’ not ‘explained’ or ‘argued’ or simply ‘justified’ the actions of the police.

So what did Pipes actually say?

But if a particular race or colour is likely to commit specific crimes and we don’t stop and search them and they carry out these crimes then I think we are doing wrong.

“I know that we’re (Dorset Police) the worst for this but it doesn’t take away from the fact that certain races are more likely in Dorset to commit these crimes, and I’m not a racist in any way, l am probably the only one around this virtual table who supports Africans in Africa. I support two schools out there, it costs me thousands of pounds a year. I challenge anyone to call me a racist, although they probably will.

“I think we need to use stop and search to be able to stop and search those people we consider to be those who are more likely to commit a specific crime, particularly when we are talking about county lines; we’re talking about drug dealing and perhaps knife crime.”

Enter some silly girl named Bobby Dove – the report doesn’t say which party but I checked and wow, what a shock, she’s…not International Marxist Group, not Labour, not LibDem…she’s Tory!



Some conservative!

The Bobby-Babe at once got her pinko knickers in a twist and said ‘she wanted to detatch herself from the remarks – the reporter’s spelling of ‘detach,’ not mine, and Bobby-Babe’s misuse of the word, not mine.

BTW, elements in the media in that area are as BLM-biased as the BBC!


Get this headline from the Bournemouth Echo!


Backlash after Dorset councillor’s racist comments

What, no inverted commas around ‘racist,’ to make it clear they’re quoting some BLM appeaser? Just slap on the smear as though it’s fact?


As if being truthful makes a person ‘racist!’

And then?

Cllr Pipe has since issued a statement to apologise.


I wish to apologise unreservedly for the comments I made at the meeting of the Police & Crime Panel,” said Cllr Pipe.

“I cannot excuse what I said and accept that it was ill-informed.

“I am deeply sorry and ashamed for the offence caused and the inappropriate way in which I tabled my comments, none of which was meant to offend.’

“I await the conclusions of the monitoring officer and the independent person following their investigation.”


Enter the Thought-Police, or rather the Stomp Free Speech Commissars!

This came after Dorset Council’s acting chief executive said the local authority’s monitoring officer and an independent person would decide the “most appropriate course of action…


Who the Devil are they?

When I was a local councillor, I said what I thought.

To do anything else would have been a total betrayal of my duty to my electorate.

Not the thinking of pathetic Pipe, for whose perfectly legitimate input he is now “deeply sorry and ashamed for the offence caused.”

Stuff that!

You’re not elected to be a shrinking pinko violet, quivering with concern about which undesirables you might offend before you speak up at meetings!

But it gets worse, because the bleating against poor old Pipes came not only from elected members but from an un-elected flunkey!

John Sellgren, acting chief executive of Dorset Council, said the local authority was aware of Cllr Pipe’s comments during the meeting.

“We do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour and take racism very seriously,” said Mr Sellgren.


Image result for John+sellgren+dorset

Flunkey Sellgren


This geezer is not elected by anyone!

He may say that The comments made by Cllr Pipe do not represent the views of Dorset Council or the Police and Crime Panel….”

….but when he starts with the ‘we’ prattling, using nasty, partisan BLM rhetoric, like this…

We recognise the injustices faced by Black, Asian and minority ethnic people in our communities….?”

That’s just hogwash that normal Brits are fed up hearing.

Those ‘ethnic people’ face no more ‘injustices’ than everybody else, except for the whining uppities who attract hostility by flaunting the big fat chips on their shoulders.

And that IS hostility, not ‘injustice’ at all!


Okay, if you are elected to speak for them or for anyone.

But if, like Sellgrenn, you are merely a glorified office-boy –  butt out, buster.

Keep your BLM braying for when you meet up with comrade-ideologues on weekends or after work.

Leave political posturing to those elected to do so.

And this?

The monitoring officer, together with an independent person, will decide the most appropriate course of action in line with our councillor code of conduct.”

What’s a monitoring commissar…sorry, officer? Who’s this ‘independent person?’ Name? Qualifications?

A council’s monitoring officer is responsible for helping to maintain high standards of conduct amongst councillors and take action on any allegations of breaches of conduct.

That’s the definition in the media.

To me, it sounds more like a PC censor!