More Arson By Revolting Alien Savages!

Agrigento is a city you may never have heard of…

Agrigento is way down there in Sicily, that big island next to the toe of the Italian boot!

…but if you haven’t, you should have, this month.

Yet almost needless to say, the rotten media, exemplified by UK Pravda…




…has suppressed news of a shocking outbreak of violence and arson by filthy migrant savages.

Revolt in the migrant center. Burning and escape: 3 wounded officers

This episode of vile ingrate savagery occurred last week, and got plenty of attention in the Italian media.

I give you the Google Translate version, as it is not at all difficult to follow.

Anything unclear I have fixed to a small extent, but you can check the original reports via the links at the bottom of my page.

Tempo has a video you may wish to see.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Ready to read about the filthy savages?

So it was on Tuesday evening at the reception center in viale Cannatello, Villaggio Mosè, where 65 Tunisians, after a day of tension, started a revolt with burning mattresses and objects thrown at the policemen, three of whom, from the Mobile Department of Palermo were injured….

The result is that the police have had to seek medical attention and some Tunisians have escaped, violating the quarantine. They will be scattered throughout the territory, as will many who have come down from the quarantine ships. 

It is a slap in the face that the government gives to Sicily, which is facing an increase in cases of covid 19.



What are we talking about if citizens have to wear masks and migrants go around undisturbed. What solidarity are we talking about if we risk being attacked or infected every day?” says a policeman.

”What are Tunisians doing in the reception centers, given that they are not entitled to it…

….but they benefit from room and board at the expense of the Italians…

What happened in Agrigento is not an isolated event, over time there are several staged riots to ensure the escape of people to be repatriated…

“So, after setting fire to a mattress on the fire escape, they threw fire extinguishers, bed nets, parts of windows at the police…



If the Italian Government had any conscience, they’d issue the cops with authority to open fire on the barbarous swine.

My Facebook fossickers led me to this story, and in particular to what Italy’s two foremost patriot leaders had to say on this outrageous uprising by alien scum.


Giorgia Meloni:

It is the paradox of a government that on the one hand announces that it wants to limit the freedom of the Italians and on the other opens up doors and tolerates these behaviors from anyone who arrives…

Bravo, Giorgia.

Conte’s coalition of curs has been pushing through pro-crimmigrant weakening of Matteo Salvini’s patriotic security measures.



He mocks them mercilessly.

“But for the government everything is under control and the security decrees are abolished… ”


The revolt in the migrant reception center in Viale Cannatello, at the Mosè Village in Agrigento took place during the night. Some guests started a fire, attacked the policemen with a throw of objects of all kinds, wounding three , before leaving despite being in quarantine. 

This was reported by the trade union federation of the state police. 

“These events occur with alarming frequency, but instead they are now experienced as if they were normal, and this is unacceptable”, says the general secretary of the Fsp Valter Mazzetti, according to whom “these structures that are time bombsfirst of all on the health level considering the coronavirus emergency, but also social and public order and safety “.

 “The riots and mass escapes are continuous, and we are not numerically able to deal with them, nor do we have clear protocols to do so. We are systematically risking massacre, while very serious crimes are committed…