‘Obscurantism,’ Macron? No – It’s ‘Asylum,’ Stupid!

Terrorists will not divide France, obscurantism will not win!”


Macron is wrong. Terrorism has divided France – not the French, except for the putrid liberal element which afflicts every Western nation.

And it’s not ‘obscurantism’ that is the real problem, though if he means pig-ignorant sectarians…



…yes, they are an affront to decency.


Here’s the real problem – 

It was 26 September, less than a month ago, that a filthy savage ran amok in France, then this week another one.

We asked the question in September….

BBC Won’t Tell Viewers How Suspects Got Into France! 

….and now we seek answers to a similar question.

One stupid hack relorted that pig who beheaded the teacher was ‘from Russia.’

That’s offensive, if meant to imply the fiend was Russian. It’s like saying that some Roma parasite is ‘Romanian.’

Not so, in either case!

The sectarian pig in Paris who beheaded the teacher was a Chechen, and so the question Macron should be forced to confront is –

What was the Chechen pig doing in France?

Who let him in?

Who failed to put him out?

He was, after all, known to police for criminal activity, so ought to have been categorised as an undesirable alien and deported tout suite.



I strongly suspect that one or both of the scumbags referred to above were fake-refugees, aka ‘asylum-seekers.

If Macron doesn’t start deporting these lying leeches en masse, Marine Le Pen should make expulsion of sectarian scum a key part of her campaign message.



Surely it would resonate!

Along with a pledge of serious vetting, and a cast-iron policy of point-blank refusal of not just asylum for, but asylum applications from, ANY primitive savages…



….who think ‘blasphemers’ ought to be injured or killed.