Penally ‘Assault?’ What’s Priti Gonna Say To That Photographer?

I’m amazed there isn’t more media interest in what gives at Penally Fake-Refugee…oops..’Asylum’ Camp.

Only the local press are covering – to a limited extent at that! – the on-going series of dramatic events, despite an arsonist’s identity being blatantly covered up….


Reminder! Will Penally Arson Cover-Up Be Busted?

…and despite the undetailed ‘sporting injury’ which we had to speculate about more recently…

After Penally Arson Cover-Up, Now It’s A ‘Sporting Injury?’ 

…and despite allegations of prowling at a park frequented by Welsh schoolgirls!

Penally Predators? What Else Did Priti Expect?

Yet none of the national media are homing in on the Welsh village…

Priti’s Girl Exalts Crimmigrants : ‘Just Like You And Me!’ 

….where Priti Patel has parked a pack of all-male illegal aliens of military age, thus endorsing her flunkey’s benevolent assessment of the threat level.

And let’s not overlook the on-going furore over an alleged assault on a photographer by an unidentified security guard,

The victim of the ‘alleged assault,’ a man named Andy Edwards, has, for ‘legal reasons,’ decided he ‘should not say too much.’



We must respect his concerns, but we’d like to know more!

However, Mr. Edwards HAS said this – 

As for the person responsible, my wife and I are outraged that the Home Office have not suspended him from front line duties pending an investigation.

“In addition to the police I have received no contact from the Home Office or their agents…


Priti Patel needs to be grilled in the House of Commons on all these episodes, by whichever MPs care about the safety and well-being of the British people who live in that area….


Priti Patel Minister.jpg

…and about the character of those within the flimsy fencing that is meant to keep those Brits safe from unwelcome attentions.