Tell Dana Nawzar Jaf To Go Home…Or…?

This is an appeal to all decent British people to keep a look-out for this vile alien swine, who sums up everything that ought to disqualify a non-Brit from any right to be in Britain.



We should be celebrating the fact that, as I said at the time, the dirty pig in Paris was shot dead.


‘One More Filthy Savage In Hell!’

French law, under the heel of the EUSSR, does not provide for justice in cases like this.

Not for a pig like that Chechen, for whom any punishment other than death would have been inadequate.

But for Dana Nawzar Jaf, his vile outburst ought to mark the end of his long sojourn in the UK.

No matter what sort of visa he’s on, it should be cancelled.


.If he’s not happy about vermin control, let him find a happier habitat where he can bemoan the extirpation of a satanic slug to his heart’s content.

If the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, can’t or won’t expel this undesirable alien, good citizens should track him down, follow him wherever he goes….



….and make it VERY clear he is an unwelcome guest, who has long outstayed his welcome.