Given To Cartoon-Tantrums? Grow Up Or Get Out!

Just watched the scenes from Paris, thousands of decent French folk…

…showing their disgust at the brutal murder of the teacher, and singing La Marseillaise, and one lady in the crowd, interviewed by a F24 reports, summing it up in a few powerful words.

God does not have a spokesman!

That scumbag assassin was a Chechen. Last month’s blood-thirsty pig was a Pakistani.

What the hell were they doing in a country where they know their primitive notions of ‘blasphemy’ are not just alien but utterly unacceptable?

It’s about time those who think like them were given notice.



Mockery of what you – or I – believe is not a capital offence.

Insulting those we revere as heroes or prophets…or whatever…is not and should not be a criminal offence.

Only infantile jerks think it should be.


Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia was absolutely clear about its opinion –  ‘Charlie Hebdo Proves Democracy Is Rotten!’


Sectarian intolerance is not an adult emotion. If you do get cranky over somebody’s rude words, then start a blog, or write a letter to The Guardian, or hold a demo, or a march.



But do not let morons like the turd in this photo above participate.

All such people are an affront to decent society, and require at the very least indefinite incarceration in a padded cell.

They may be considered for release if they agree to migrate to any other country foolish or backward enough to accept them.




Grow up or get out of France!

And Britain.

And Australia.

And Canada.

And Germany…and every country where people are free.