‘Dystopian’ Devil Rides Out – BBC Trumpophobia Rising

I was merely toying with writing about the bumper issue of UK Pravda’s non-stop Hate -Trumpery due this coming weekend…



….but after I watched the star billing given to Obummer on BBC World News today decided me.

While a rational approach to news would suggest Nigeria deserved the top story slot, needless to say the UK tax-funded propaganda channel chose the racist rat, his latest intervention making me think of that grand old Dennis Wheatley yarn…

The Devil Rides Out!’

…given the resemblance others before me have noticed!

In their trailer for ‘The Trump Effect,’ the biased bigots of the BBC have unearthed a new word with which to assail President Trump – ‘dystopian!’

Oh, and using Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at his inaugural ball inexplicably disturbs UK Pravda, almost as much as his famous description of the media as among ‘the most dishonest people..’

Cheers heard around the world, not least…




…in the United Kingdom!

I had a fair idea of what ‘dystopian’ meant, but just to be sure, I summoned up the Cambridge Dictionary, and there it was, an adjective most normal Brits don’t use more than once or twice, if that, throughout their life-times, but whichever Beeb-Drone it was – I heard him again today and think it was Bowes…

a very bad or unfairsociety in which there is a lot of suffering

…used it to describe The Donald’s inauguration speech.

Part of that speech could be heard as The Beeb-Drone enunciated their new fave adjective, and POTUS was telling Americans that it was ‘time to stop the carnage.’

And why would it be ‘dystopian, why would it not be timely, to offer the people hope of a change?

The carnage might be a reference to the deaths in Benghazi, or to the hundreds…


‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of theSwine Obama

….thousands,is it – of decent citizens murdered, wounded or raped by Obummer’s beloved illegal immigrants.



The swine was so dishonest that he took to talking of the ‘undocumented,’ unwilling even to call the crimmigrants what they are!


As for the BBC’s intended weekend of weaseling warfare, who knows?

Maybe it will be fair and balanced!