Hunt For Farhad A Goes On – Despite German Media!

I had been thinking about this for a while, but have been prodded into action by the news from Germany, where that foul beast suspected of involvement in the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann has been in the news.

Were it a mere matter of wanting to question a possibly useful witness, okay, but that convicted monster?

Why not give its full name?

In a sensible world, it would have long since been put down!


Not that long ago, a Syrian was sentenced to a mere nine and a half months for the ‘manslaughter’ which led to riots by angry Germans in Chemnitz.

Like so many others in cities all over Germany – and in countries all over the Western world – they were outraged by the arrogance and ingratitude of so many ‘asylum-seekers’ who never say a word of thanks…

…and worse, commit heinous crimes against the citizens of the lands that have allowed them in.



But many months ago, we featured the Iraqi whom the Guardian subsequently described as an ‘accomplice,’ still wanted by German police.

The main suspect, a 22-year-old Iraqi man referred to in German media only as Farhad A, remains at large and is believed to have fled the country. 

His name is given only as ‘Farhaz A’ by the controlled German media, but, as we said back then, his complete identity is definitely known – and should be known to everyone who might spot him, anywhere…

Murder suspect Farhad Ramazan Ahmad (Polizei Sachsen)


So again, here’s that photograph of the Iraqi, Farhad Ramazan Ahmad,  aged 22, ‘possibly armed and dangerous!’

And as we said last time…

If you should happen to see him,do not approach!