Kiwi Vyshinsky? Ranter Tova Echoes Stalin Purge Prosecutor!

A refreshing bit of dissent on about the Ardern win in New Zealand…

…..prompted me to have a look at the Advance NZ party.

More specifically, on a fanatic hackette, Touchy Tova O’Brien, who, the more I listened to her shrill intolerance of opinions that upset her leftist mind-set, the more my thoughts turned to the evil communist pictured below.


RIAN archive 7781 Vyshinsky.jpg

Andrey Vyshinsky in 1940 – check out his wikipedia entry!

Having long been a student of Soviet politics and history – to postgrad diploma level, even! – I read all about that marxist monster…

….and his ranting, screaming, hateful diatribes against innocent victims in Stalin’s Purge Trials through the 1930s.

The Tova monster hasn’t yet descended to calling her interviewees ‘dogs’ and ‘human waste’ – two of Vyshinsky’s choicer epithets – but even her far-left media rat-fans define her ‘shout-dissenters-down’ approach to news as ‘BRUTAL!’

New Zealand journalist feted for brutal takedown of minor party politician

Tova O’Brien’s interview with Jami-Lee Ross, who has been accused of spreading misinformation, praised as ‘a masterclass’

New Zealand news anchor Tova O'Brien shows the world how to handle fake news peddlers

I don’t agree with you, so I won’t let you speak!’

Tova ‘Vyshinsky’ O’Brien, idolised by media ratbags around the world

I have a link to the video of the shameless jackboot journalette…


…flaunting her indifference to fair play –