Tuscany – Filthy Alien Savage Rapes 70-Year-Old!

And meanwhile, in Tuscany, a 70-year-old lady who wanted a peaceful day on the beach with a book has been raped and robbed..



The individual accused is a filthy migrant savage, from Togo.

Illegally in Italy, so it seems.

As patriot party leader Matteo Salvini commented – 

“So much sadness, where are we ending up!?!


One of the few honest patriots in Italian politics.


“With all the problems Italy has, the government keeps the ports open and spends hundreds of millions to welcome illegal immigrants without rules and without control….the silence of national newspapers!  This is insane!

For these criminals ZERO TOLERANCE, CHEMICAL CASTRATION and, if ‘irregular’foreigners, EXPULSION!


I concur entirely with Signor Salvini’s outrage, but I’d say it would be better to put such savages up against a wall.