‘Bullying?’Call Out Sarah Mills! Unmask The Alien!

Isn’t it interesting, no, instructive is a better word, this latest example of UK authorities mistreating their own people, specifically parents who object to a school putting their children at risk.


The pupil joined classes at the school in Coventry earlier this month

Sweet sixteen? 

When one teenager dared express concern about an obviously adult alien male – a so-called ‘asylum-seeker!’ –  being placed in her high school, the education authority went into denial mode and the school’s far-left collabo teaching staff…

….accused the girl of ‘bullying…’

...the girl’s mum said she was then called into school to discuss the issue with teachers and that they were concerned sharing photos of the new classmate amounted to bullying. 

…which tells us all we need to know about the ignorance and irresponsibility of those lousy left ‘teachers’ – and the system.


It’s not a problem unique to the UK, as we have noticed for quite a few years…



…..  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/lying-parasites-aged-asylum-kids-allotted-homes-as-aussies-wait-in-line/

But what about that letter from some grinning council flunkey in Coventry, named Sarah Mills…


“If there are concerns or doubts regarding a pupil’s age at the time of application, schools and local authorities are able to ask for further evidence in the form of birth certificates and passports.

“However, please note, on some rare occasions if pupils arrive as asylum seekers and alone, i.e. without parents, these may not always be available.

“I am able to confirm [the school] follows all of these procedures and always seeks the city council’s support in such matters.

“In the last year [the school] has been able to follow procedures and further seek clarity for the identity of all pupils that have been placed on roll.”

Sarah Mills's Email

02476 832785  (office)


Why not ask her if dental examination has confirmed the blighter’s age?


….which as you can read for yourselves is typical bureaucratic cr-p – convoluted tripe but in effect saying they have NO documentary proof of the African’s age?

How dare she insult the intelligence of the parents of those endangered children?

We also read that the same system failed utterly to identify another adult ‘asylum-seeker’ in Ipswich two years ago –


– which makes the continued refusal of the Home Office to use reliable age-testing on lying crimmigrants absolutely inexcusable.

They care not a fig for the safety of the children and would rather lie to councils, parents, and presumably themselves, to pander to the pro-crimmigrant lobby.

We had all this from Amber Rudd…


Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 


Have these ‘children’ passed the age of puberty?



….but had hoped better from Priti Patel.

‘80% were grown-ups’: Swedish dentist fired for exposing migrant ‘kids’ as adults… 

Looks like Priti’s more in tune with the commissars in Stockholm!


Official portrait of Rt Hon Priti Patel MP crop 2.jpg


It’s very easy to use dental tests to determine anyone’s age and this ‘Conservative’ Government is refusing to do so.

Their dishonesty is more reprehensible than that of the lying African in that Midlands school. 

How can we trust any of them?