Collabo NZ College Curs Witch-Hunt Beijing’s Foe!

I said only recently that I don’t pay as much attention to New Zealand as I should…

Kiwi Shoppers Should Be Entitled To Bash Vile Vegans! 

..Scumner-Burstyn Oozes Into Hyper-Whine 

….though I have written a few bits and pieces over recent years.

However, the scandalous witch-hunt going on there now requires not just my attention but everybody’s.



Everybody, that is, who abhors the totalitarian gangster regime in Beijing, and who despises college curs up to their necks in collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party.

Rather than go into the story of how an NZ university is acting as academic hit-man for Adolf the Pooh…



….aka Xi, read on for yourselves and ask how your parents or grandparents would have reacted in the 1940s, if a university in your country had been exposed as doing the Waffen SS’s dirty work!

Professor Anne-Marie Brady is being investigated by her university after she named some local academics as working with institutions that allegedly have ties to China’s military…