Again, BBC Hides Truth That BLM Are Foul-Mouthed Bullies!

I’m not surprised that BBC didn’t cover this latest revelation of the true, intensely ugly face of BLM in action…

…as it was seen in the small city of Lake Oswego, Oregon, last Sunday, where vile slags calling themselves ‘Moms United for Black Lives’ promised to “f*ck sh*t up…


It’s very important to remember that much of the media goes out of its way to hide the reality of BLM, the swaggering arrogance of their leaders, like Demetria Hester, one of 100 obnoxious brutes who took part in the invasion of a city not her own…



BLM scum invade a small city


….blabbering that “the march was about showing Lake Oswego residents that Black lives matter all the time, and about making racists uncomfortable.”

One of the Moms United for Black Lives carried a bullhorn

…there’s a potential joke there somewhere, a nasty cow carrying a bull-horn, but never mind..

The report says that she saw a woman sitting alone at a restaurant table on the corner.

The protesters surrounded the woman and mocked her as she recorded them with her phone.


Two women harass a woman at a cafe in Lake Oswago, Oregon. (Video Screenshot/Kitty Shackleford)

BLM scum harass innocent woman


One of them said, “Damn! She’s super anxious!”

They asked her her name, and added, “Does your kid go to LO (Lake Oswego) High? Do your kids go to LO High? Do they go to LO High?”

“Are they judgmental like you?” they continued.

These dirty pigs need a good tasering.


Or brain-transplants from worms, to improve their intellect.

You can find video of the episode via the link. 

The woman sat there filming but never said a word.

The same protester kept repeating, “Do you teach them to be racist too? Do you teach your kids to be racist?!”

She added, “Or do they try to teach you not to be f*cking racist? And yet you are still here being f*cking racist, Right!?”


“Do Black Lives Matter to you?!” they demanded.

Then they asked, “Do you have nothing to say?! Nothing at all!” they all chimed in.

One of them continued, “Oh, my f*cking flash guys. Like. Oh.My.God. Like I am so miserable right now!” one of them mocked…


These people are the scum of the earth.

Circulate the link and/or the videos.

Let everybody know what the BBC won’t tell you.