BBC Country Girl – English Rose Or BLM Poison Ivy?

Countryfile presenter claims

“In asking whether the countryside is racist, then yes it is; but asking if it’s more racist than anywhere else — maybe, maybe not.”

‘The British countryside is racist, and Britons need to face up to the “lingering, ambient racism” of our past, according to a BBC Countryfile presenter.’

Or so we are told!



Take a look at Ellie Harrison, and you’d say – at least I would – what an archetypal English Rose!

Nothing mean or predatory about her, not at all vampirical…


…like The Maitlis…

…nor ugly like Barnett.


But alas, fresh-faced Ellie is as full of BLM BS as any of The Newsnight Coven.

The silly little girl may have started off her career as a normal person, but that was a decade or more ago, and now she spouts bollocks like this on ‘research’  that allegedly suggests Brits see the countryside as a ‘white environment’

Why would anybody waste time doing research to learn that?

Who the hell cares?



Somebody should research how much time is wasted by nitwits doing pointless research!

But never mind, let’s tune into the Thoughts of Comrade  Harrison –

I spooled through the comments [to the research], which broadly came in three flavours: ‘I’m not racist so there is no racism in the countryside’; ‘I’m black and I’ve never experienced racism in the countryside’; and importantly, ‘I have experienced racism in the countryside’.



So there’s work to do.

“Even a single racist event means there is work to do.

“In asking whether the countryside is racist, then yes it is; but asking if it’s more racist than anywhere else — maybe, maybe not.”

Read that again, and be astonished at her fanatical witch-hunting mentality.

“Even a single racist event means there is work to do.”




If there’s even ONE incidence of whatever she defines as ‘racism’ in the green and pleasant land, and that could be anything from KKK cross-burning to saying ‘All Lives Matter, ‘ in the BLM hate-freak pantheon of evils, then she’s out to get it?

She ought to be fired!

That’s not her job!



She is hired to report on country life, not prowl the fields witch-hunting real or imagined ‘racism!’

These BBC sticky-beaks have swallowed the BLM hogwash about ‘silence=violence‘  – whereas normal Brits long for silence, an end to the endless whining and ranting and bullying of the ingrates who demand we all kneel. 

Must do more’

Harrison added that the Black Lives Matter protests this year convinced her of the need to do more to challenge racism.

She must have been observing different BLM protests, not the ones her UK Pravda ‘news’ coven covered up…..the threats of violence…

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.the foul bullying and the hate-freaks…

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 Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”…..Do ANY Lives Matter…and the murder!


“Until this point, I believed ignorantly that me being not racist was enough…I have watched Oprah every day since I was a youngster . . . it wasn’t my problem.“

.Watched Oprah every day?

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No wonder Ellie talks addled tripe!

There is a big and crucial difference between being not racist and being anti-racist.  At times in the past I have given measured and polite replies to people — sometimes close to me — who had said racist things. But being anti-racist means being much clearer that it isn’t acceptable.”


Another Beeb-Bint who forgets that…

….and who thinks she should never offer ‘measured and polite’ responses to what she disagrees with? Shout down whoever dissents?

I bet she’ll still give ‘measured and polite’ responses to people who say cultural marxist things!


“We are trained Marxists.”
— BLM co-founder Neither Black Nor White Lives Matter To Marxists! 


She also said that white people needed to be more assertive in learning about the past.

That’s true.

Instead of letting scum deface Churchill’s statue and haul down statues of Lincoln and Washington, decent patriots, white or black, should be learning about –  and erecting statues of – more recent heroes…



…like PC Keith Blakelock, the London copper butchered by savages while doing his duty 40 years ago in Broadwater Farm!

“It’s our individual work to wrap our heads around history,” she wrote. “The work also includes recognising the pain of the past and the lingering ambient racism we don’t get to feel.”


’Lingering ambient racism?’

People who spew up such vacuous manure don’t belong in countryside journalism.