Philly Savages Injure Cops, Loot …But BBC Calls ‘Em ‘Protestors!’


C’mon, BBC!

Hundreds of ‘protesters…’



injured half-a-dozen police officers and looted several stores!’

So says UK Pravda, making us gasp at, or almost laugh at, such misrepresentation of the street-scum….

…who are NOT ‘protesters’ but RIOTERS. 


Remember that grand old ‘Philadelphia Story?’

Now we have a new one!

The BBC’s ‘Philadelphia Story,’ every hour on the hour, spinning the leftist lie that the savages are ‘protesters!’

And did you hear the dead knife-man’s family lawyer?

He is not as off-putting as Crump, the lawyer we keep seeing on the BBC’s long-running free BLM ad….

BLM – BBC’s Longest Running Free Ad Ever?

…but he maintains they were wiser to call an ambulance rather than the police!

Oh yeah?

Next time a wild man brandishes a knife at you, you know what to do?

Pity the poor ambulance crew, had they been summoned without police protection, to face a maniacal knife-wielder.

Thanks be that the only one to die was the aggressive brute who refused to drop the blade and turned on the cops.

One less menace to life and limb, as far as law-abiding citizens are concerned!