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    Sinn Fein Vixen Named And Shamed! And Yet…

    Not every day that what goes around comes around, but when I saw the headline in an Eire newspaper, viz..

    Elisha McCallion and two other Sinn Féin members resign over Covid relief cash

    ……I wasn’t sure if it was one of the Vermin Party I’d written about previously, but then I looked down the page, saw the photograph, and bingo!

    It was!

    It must have been a year ago or more, and not a few of the Vermin Party have featured in my blog.

    But this one!?!

    Here’s what I said at the time!

    Take a careful look at the comely face of satanic evil below!


    Elisha McCallion

    Again, it makes you think of those horror films, where an alluring damsel sooner or later reveals herself to be nothing less than a foul demoness…


    And now the demoness has been cast out, forced to resign from Eire’s senate, for reasons which you can read about in the link near the top of our page.

    But doesn’t it make you reflect on what Sinn Fein regards as acceptable grounds for withdrawal from public life?



    How many notorious members of the IRA murder gang have been knowingly nominated for legislative office, in British Ulster and across the border in Eire, and been approved as candidates by the Vermin Party’s leadership?

    France 24’s “Debate” Features Jew-Bashing Convicted Terrorist! 

    Hasil gambar untuk martina anderson MEP

    Found this via Google Search – which one’s Evil Anderson?


    Terrorist scum are embraced, but this ( admittedly nasty and disloyal ) woman is obliged to quit over a sum of money found to have been lodged wrongly in her bank account?

    That’s why I refer to Sinn Fein as the Vermin Party!


    • Billy King 15:28 on October 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I was wondering where you’d got to, Ross, but here you are, saying what needs said.
      Sinn Fein- IRA haven’t a decent bone in their bodies but a lot of people outside of Ulster don’t understand that, or have forgotten that,
      You do well to tell them the truth.


    • Malcolm Murray 22:04 on October 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That woman makes me think of those vampire films where the alluring vamps turn out on closer inspection to be vampires, and none too lovely vampires either.
      Maybe it’s just Halloween but she gives me the creeps.
      Sinn Fein is full of creeps, so I would think she has plenty to give.



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