Thought For Today? Better To Be In France Than Philly!

Thought for today?

After watching the news?

I’d rather be in France than Philadelphia!

In France, when the police do their job…

Another Outbreak – Pig Put Down! Good Job, French Cops!

….and shoot a knife-wielding savage dead, none but the most miniscule element of the disloyal minority has a bad word to day about how they do their difficult and dangerous duty.

Most French folk are proud of them.


In Philadelphia, USA, in horrific contrast, when a menacing man with a knife is taken down…

…mobs of violent barbarians run amok, burning, looting and wounding many police officers.

BBC Cover-Up! Philly BLM Savages Attack Reporter

Mealy-mouthed politicians…

…demand enquiries into the cops’ sensible, effective response.


Pity the decent people of Philadelphia!


Vive La France!