Megawati Didn’t “Whine” Even Once, Jakarta Post Jerks!

In what way is this straightforward question a ‘whine?’

What’s your contribution to the country?’: Megawati whines about Indonesian millennials


 Megawati Soekarnoputri, President of Indonesia 2001-2004


That disgraceful, derogatory headline is not merely a gratuitous insult to former President Megawati but actually misleads Jakarta Post readers about the content of what appears below it.

She said to the President,”… don’t spoil them […] I want to ask a question: What’s the contribution of the millennial generation?” Megawati said in her speech broadcasted on the PDI-P’s YouTube channel.

The PDI-P is her party, an important party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle…


….which played a major role in bringing democracy back to Indonesia two decades ago.

So what did she say, to attract the slur of being a ‘whiner?’

“What is your contribution to this nation and country?”

I don’t care if I get bullied. Are protesting and destructing the only things you [millennials] can do?”

Fair question, surely?

After this month’s Jakarta riots?

Portland Indonesia? Thugs Stone Cops! Black-Clad Louts! 

Brits and Americans have also seen riotous mobs, BLM racists and Red Nazi Antifa, destroying public and private property.

The JP writer adds that Megawati accepted that anyone has a right to engage in street protests  but that they should not result in destruction of public facilities.

Quite right!

For those who take to the streets, what are you doing? If you are against a rule, go to the House of Representatives. There is a thing called a public hearing for you to get your voices heard..”

Use that link and read the whole piece.

Nothing Ibu Mega said can be remotely construed as ‘whining.’  

She simply points out the attitudes seen among certain millennials –  most of whom, BTW, IMHO, are nowhere near as awful as many of their deadbeat counterparts in the UK….



…or the violent rabble amok in the USA…


Nothing peaceful about murders, bashings, arson, looting and widespread property damage.
Nothing peaceful about murders, bashings, arson, looting and widespread property damage. BLM protests are not peaceful

…and calls into question things some of them say and do.

So whose agenda are the JP jerks following, when they diss Megawati by describing her legitimate question as ‘whines?’?

While we have the name of the person who wrote this ‘news’ story (who appears from her photo to be a millennial herself)  in normal newspapers, those who write the stories don’t get to create the headlines above them.

So WHO composed that headline?

Of course the JP is hardly a normal newspaper.

It is run by leftists – we saw a particularly bad example of left nastiness recently –

Trumpophobic Jakarta Post? Time To Pull The Plug! 

but that’s nothing new….

Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds


However, there’s no obvious reason for the JP lefties to feel malevolent towards a former Indonesian head of state.

Towards the end of the article, there’s a suggestion that infiltrators caused the riot trouble in town.

So we’ve heard.

It’s entirely possible, but in any case, without knowing the age of these ‘infiltrators,’ it does not exculpate every millennial in Jakarta.

Nor did Ibu Mega criticise every millennial in Jakarta.

Nor at any point did she ‘whine!’

As I’ve said before, it would be no bad thing if the Jakarta Post sank without trace.

If any expats or overseas readers have been ill-advised enough to subsidise it, don’t.

Cancel your subscription.

Tempo is much better, or even the Jakarta Globe.