Biden Boosters – German Tax-Funded Media Rivals UK Pravda.

I flay UK Pravda much more often than DW simply because more of my readers watch BBC than tune into the German tax-funded propaganda channel.

But I had a look in tonight around 10.15pm Jakarta time, just in time to hear a coarse Scots voice intoning that ‘Biden has ‘dedicated his life to public service’ whereas Trump has ‘dedicated his life to winning.’ Trump, said the man who sounded like an archetypal Glasgow pub bore, had ‘been cosying up to white supremacists.’



The buffoon wittered on for a while, much blubby stuff about Biden’s bereavements, though while Biden’s dead son got serious attention, not a whisper on his live son, whose suspicious business dealings the media in-crowd have tried to seal off with a wall of corrupt silence.


CLAIM: 2020 Democrat candidate Joe Biden insisted that his son Hunter Biden “has not made money” from China.

VERDICT: FALSE. Hunter Biden’s law firm received nearly six million from a Chinese oligarch who sought power and influence in Washington, D.C.

Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims ‘My Son Has Not Made Money’ from China

It got more amusing when the drone fell silent and DW told us our next treat was a quick zoom around the world to see what non-Americans think.

About a dozen folk all over the globe, I think, were asked, and the required negative opinions about Trump were heard, with only ONE man, a German, who said he expected the incumbent to be re-elected.



Conveniently, this man said nothing in Trump’s favour, merely suggesting that Trump won last time, so why not this time?

Almost unbelievably choreographed biased BS, but still more to come, courtesy of that fool Phil Gayle, whom we’ve noticed before.

Gayle had a ‘social media’ expertess on, rabbiting about the geekstapo censorship we mentioned a few hours ago.

When she was almost done, Gayle asked desperately, if enough was being done to counteract social media input from Trump and those who support him!

Fair and balanced?