It’s A Civic Duty To Vote AND To Smash BLM Nazis!

In Europe, we have seen a resurgence of Hitlerian hatred of Jews…

More Berlin Jew-Baiting – By Syrian Nazis And…? 

Our City Now!’ Alien Pigs Attack Jew, Run Off – And The Cops? 

‘Bullied For Months On End?’ So Kick The Primitives OUT! 

…but much of that is due to Mama Stasi Merkel’s open-door – near a million primitives from the Middle East poured through…



…many of them infected with the grotesque anti-semitism we saw and heard, when the hate-freak, Morsi….

’Apes and Pigs’ Morsi Presides Over Hell

Ikhwan …the Muslim Brotherhood

Who Reviled Jews As ‘Pigs’ First? Ikhwan Or CNN’s Editor? 


…held power during the Ikhwan regime in Egypt.

But now we are seeing and hearing in the USA what looks and sounds like home-grown nazism, brutal BLM bullies –  as you may see and hear for yourselves by watching the video linked below.

WATCH: Philly BLM Rioters Shout ‘Get the F**k Out’ to Jews, Call Them ‘Synagogue of Satan’



Of two things you may be certain.

These filthy savages will NOT be voting for Trump this day, Tuesday 3rd November ( although I hope all my American readers will!)


…and there’s just about zero chance the BBC will let its worldwide radio and tv audience know…



….exactly what kind of wild beasts a Biden win would unleash on America.