More BLM Gangster Tantrums – Fake-Indignation, Again!

In case you missed an interesting addendum on that link we included in our post on church-burning…

BLM – Racist AND Sectarian? Asian Church Burned! BBC Silent… 


…please consider another example of BLM fake-indignation, filthy savages rioting, over a waster whose departure from the world of the living was caused by his attempt to avoid legitimate questioning.

Washington, DC, where several officers were injured in an attack involving fireworks. There were also other clashes between protesters and police.





The protests there were over the death of a man named Karon Hylton, who was killed on a moped during a police chase after he collided with a vehicle last Friday.

In other words, he was entirely the author of his own demise, but Washington’s lout population, driven by their usual blend of evil, stupidity and opportunism, made the most of it.

Their essential racism too is manifest, for, had Karon Hylton been a white man who did a runner after a collision, would anyone except his nearest and dearest have given a tinker’s cuss?