Beijing Even Bullies Little Nepal! Boycott Red China

The UK Telegraph says it’s an ‘Exclusive,’ so I won’t quote its interesting report on the latest example of Red Chinese banditry.

But who can do other than despise the cowardly bullies of Adolf Xi’s so-called ‘People’s Liberation Army….’


Nepal is that long thin strip just south of Tibet. Tibet is of course no longer a free country, but under the Beijing jackboot, a victim of Communist cultural genocide.

…when those PLA goons take to grabbing land from a tiny little nation like Nepal?

It’s akin to a hulking teen lout stealing a kindergarten kid’s lunch money.

That’s not to dismiss the people of the victim nation.

British readers who know their history will be well aware of the valour of the famous ghurkas who fought alongside UK soldiery, time and again…

Gurkhas in Nuneaton 290119 CREDIT British Army.jpg



…but this time the odds against the tough men from Nepal are overwhelming.

Damn the Communist aggressors.

Buy nothing ‘Made in China’ –

— unless it’s made in FREE China…aka Taiwan!

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