Light Relief And BBC Bias – Bravo Seth Weathers!


A pinko getting put down, a bit of light relief in the middle of a long, hard day of viewing.

Hats off to Mr. Seth Weathers!

I had grown weary of masochism extraordinaire – aka watching the far-left prattlers of CNN….

….and switched to the more familiar torment of UK Pravda, where the infamous Katty Kay….

Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 


…and Andrew Neil were railing at The Donald in terms no doubt pleasing to the Trumpophobic tax-funded channel. 

But suddenly they were replaced ( briefly) on the screen by two Americans, one a shrill female named ( improbably ) Amecia and a cheerful guy named Seth Weathers.    


No photo of Shrill Amecia in Google but this is a take of their clash today


I’d no recollection of hearing either of them before, so looked them up.

Of Ms. Shrill, no trace, but Seth is evidently quite well-known – one of us!        


Seth Weathers


They were disagreeing, bigly, as DT might say, and Seth began to laugh, heartily, at one of the Leftess’s outbursts.

A cross Amecia decided to adopt the prissy, priggish style modelled by Kamala Harris during the VP debate.

’I am speaking, sir!’

– she yelped, much as we read in Shakespeare that arrogant assertion  ‘Peace ho, Caesar speaks!’ – at which all must fall silent.

But Seth wasn’t have any school-marmy scolding from the likes of a glossy nonentity.


Yeah, and I’m laughing!’


Very quickly, BBC’s Aunt Snooty, aka Sarah Trevelyan, leapt in to rescue anguished Amecia.

Laura takes part in a Twitter Q&A

Laura Trevelyan ( married to ABC boss Goldston, BTW) 

He’s actually redefined his terms…” said Lady Laura, with ineffable BBC impartiality…yeah right!

Earlier, Seth had told Aunt Snooty that ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about!’  

I wish more people would say that to more BBC know-alls!

Then another UK Pravda notable, Oily, familiar to my readers….

Oily BBC Wally Colludes With Whining Ingrate Redskin! 

……jumped in and dragged us off to even more ‘objective’ observers unhappy with Trump.

Rather than have loads of fun listening to an ex FCO bigwig ( the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is notoriously full of stuck-up liberals) and a former Obama flunkey named Debbie Pope, I decided to fool around with another Katty….


…my cat, who wanted his arvo snack.

He is much less biased than Katty Kay, and marginally less biased than me.