More Kiwi Intolerance – Buy This Book!

On her website, Pierson describes herself as a “free-thought advocate”.

Her most recent book is Western Values Defended: A Primer.


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I had never even heard of Olivia Pierson before this week, but if the Guardian is ill-disposed towards her, I figured the least I can do is let people know how to get hold of her book, so they can judge her on her merits – both as a thinker AND as a writer.
So here you are


But why has she come under attack, so much so that a ‘New Zealand-run general goods website’ with the very odd name of “Mighty Ape,” took swift action and said it would stop selling Pierson’s books immediately…”




All Pierson did to earn this stupid act of PC suppression was to observe that the tattoo sported by one of Ardern’s new ministers, a woman named Nanaia Mahuta, was inappropriate on a senior member of the New Zealand Government.

Olivia Pierson – censored by Big Business Uptights

Really? The face of NZ’s new Foreign Minister?” Pierson wrote. “Facial tattoos are not exactly a polished, civilised presentation for a foreign diplomat in the 21st Century. Ffs! Jacinda has gone full wokelette on stilts..”

So? Big deal!

I think dreadlocks are ugly.

On blacks or whites or anyone.

Am I not free to say so?

I have no interest in getting involved in a debate about Maori tattoos ( although I’d say that minister does look off-putting and would probably do so with or without a tattoo!) but after covering that bigoted hackette Tova the PC Tyrant last month….

Kiwi Vyshinsky? Ranter Tova Echoes Stalin Purge Prosecutor! 

….I feel it has to be said that there is an unhealthy intolerance seeping – or surging – into NZ public life.

That business/shopping network, Mighty Ape…


(what kind of name is that for a business?)

….is clearly a threat to freedom of expression, and while that kind of threat is common these days…



…it is especially inappropriate in any commercial enterprise concerned with the written word.

For my part, all I can do is give you that link above,so you can buy Ms. Pierson’s book, and suggest you boycott that Malevolent Gorilla..


….or whatever they choose to call themselves.

Oh, and tell them what you think of their cavalier indifference to free speech.

And watch out for the censorious ‘wowser’ element among the general populace…



…who were not slow in urging suppression of opinions they dislike, or, as the Guardian quaintly puts it, ‘Pierson’s comments were quickly censured, with many New Zealand twitter users encouraging her to delete her original post.’

It’s one thing to ‘censure’ i.e. condemn, but another thing entirely to CENSOR, and I bet a lot of the whiners didn’t stop at ‘encouraging’ Olivia Pietson to ‘delete’ –



-but probably demanded that Dirty Jack Dorsey CENSOR what she said.

I’ve never been on Twitter, nor wish to, but if you are, fight back – take the victim’s side, not that of the ‘woke’ whingers.