Penally Parasites – Well Said, Mr. Hamilton!

While questions on the identity of the crimmigrant arsonist, and about the culprits in the outbreak of violence and on the possibility of prowling predators remain unanswered….

Penally Transparency? Seriously? More Questions Than Answers! 

…….it is glaringly obvious that much of the media is either too lazy or too complicit to highlight what kind of persons are lodged in the ‘accommodation’ camp in Penally.



NB -although as far as we know ( and the authorities are not revealing the facts on this either!) they arrived in the UK by violating rules that all legal migrants are obliged to follow, Priti Patel has made it clear they are not ‘detained…’


…and, unbelievably, they are free to come and go as they please!

The local MP and Welsh legislature members are not protesting on behalf of the anxious local villagers and Home Secretary Patel does not appear to have been interrogated on the cover-ups in the House of Commons. 

Praise be then for Neil Hamilton, UKIP leader in the Welsh Senate!


UKIP leader Neil Hamilton at Penally


Not only has he shown concern by joining protesters at the scene, but he has once again exposed the truth about the pro-crimmigrant collabos in Wales’ devolved government.

 “The Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru voted in the Senedd to make Wales a ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ open to all-comers. The community of Penally did not vote for mass immigration or migrant camps on their doorstep.”



Heck, nobody in his or her right mind would!

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But the UKIP leader made his most telling point on the eligibility of these unwanted aliens – the bogus nature of their claim to ‘asylum!’



No nonsense about ‘sanctuary’ from Neil Hamilton!

“It should be noted these people are not asylum-seekers but economic migrants and the law says asylum seekers must seek refuge in the first safe country they enter. 

“They all come here from other EU countries, so they are not entitled to asylum in the UK,” he added.

The response of the leftist Plaid Cymru ( Welsh ‘nationalist’ party) leader was to brand Mr. Hamilton’s call for responsibility as ‘deliberately inflammatory!’

A very unfortunate choice of insult, surely, that word ‘inflammatory….’



….which will only remind decent folk in Penally and across the British Isles how police, local and national government and the media have concealed the identity of the alien arsonist!