Blood-Beast’s Buddy Biden Set To Seize Power?

We owe a debt of thanks to the Daily Mail for reminding us of that famous – notorious- photo –

-proof of how Joe Biden is a long-standing enemy of Ulster, with he and Blood-Beast Adams warmly embracing the dirty disloyal terrorist Rita O’Hare…


She served a three-year sentence in Limerick Prison for smuggling explosives to an IRA member and was released in 1979.

Upon her release, her extradition from the Republic of Ireland was blocked as the Irish High Court ruled in March 1978 that O’Hare should not be extradited to Northern Ireland, on the ground that the offences that she was alleged to have committed fell within the political offence exception…


…and for telling us how Adams is openly boasting that he and the Democrat discussed ‘a united Ireland…’

…aka the anti-self-determination Unholy Grail long sought by the terrorist Sinn Fein/IRA murder-gang!


Biden once said no one in orange was welcome in his house on St Patrick’s Day

In this respect, Biden is following in a long and despicable Democrat Party tradition, not excluding Clinton’s reversal of the exclusion of Adams from the USA…..


…but before that, of another slimy sometime senator, illustrated here with another, slightly older photograph of that unlamented SOB, the vile Edward ‘Girl-Drowner’ Kennedy.

But we don’t need to go quite as far back as far as Clinton or the Chappaquiddick Churl.


Rita O'Hare pictured with Barack Obama and Gerry Adams
Rita O’Hare pictured with Barack Obama and Gerry Adams

Only a while ago we reminded you!

Ever Doubted Obama Was Bad, Bad, Bad? Doubt No More! 

Trump’s record isn’t perfect, but the prospect of him leaving the White House, and being replaced by Bigot Biden, should be abhorrent to every true Brit patriot, in Ulster or anywhere.

during the 2018 St Patrick’s Day celebrations in New York, it was not then taoiseach Leo Varadkar but Adams who stole the limelight at a breakfast event hosted by mayor Bill de Blasio at his official residency.


Blasio has a wife and family, but doesn’t give a sh-t for the women and children slaughtered by Blood-Beast’s murder-gang!


Toasting the former Sinn Féin leader, de Blasio proposed St Patrick’s Day be named “Gerry Adams Day” in New York, as Varadkar looked on.

The Democrats rarely miss an opportunity to exalt scum.