Susie Ugliface And The BBC’s Brazen Bias!

Yes, I am describing one of this morning’s BBC guests, a snide, middle-aged cow from one of the tabloids, invited on to ‘The Papers,’ UK Pravda’s look at the rest of the media.



Her actual name is Boniface, but ‘bonnie’ she is not.

The unattractive bint looked ever so pleased with herself when she called the embattled POTUS ‘Trumplestiltskin’ that I felt the least I could do was respond in kind on his behalf.

He’s a little busy, after all.

However, if that’s the best BBC could find, so be it.

Since there were two guests on the programme, at least we’d also get to hear from the other one, who would presumably be pro-Trump.



Hey, get a grip!

It’s BBC we’re talking about.

Mo Hussein was introduced as a former ‘adviser’ to the British Conservative government, but nobody in his or her right mind would be gulled into expecting this to mean much.

We all remember the BBC’s Big Lie – 

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC..

…uttered on their ‘Dateline’ chat-show, which was followed by weekly editions from then till now on which not one Trump supporter ever was seen or heard!

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Lying scum, biased scum, the Beelzebub Bigot Coven!



Mouthy Mo Hussein, whom that most un-conservative ‘Conservative’ minister, Awful Amber Rudd….


Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

…..used as an ‘adviser,’ was just as bitterly hostile to Donald Trump as Ugly Susie – though at least Mr. Hussein…




…didn’t resort to name-calling, so no need for me to respond in kind to him.

Indeed, one might be mean and  say he is bonnier than Ugly Face! 

Why do I bother saying all this? 

Simply because the BBC’s rancid partisanship, though infamous already, needs to be noted on as regular a basis as possible.