An ISIS ‘Asylumer?’ Penally Please Note!

One of the leading members of ISIS that was granted asylum status in Greece was arrested a few hours ago by police in the Peloponnese after an international search. The 27-year-old from Tajikistan was granted asylum in Greece a few years ago, but has now been arrested in the city of Tripoli.

NB    That’s the Greek city…



….not either of its namesakes in Libya or Lebanon!


But who’s to know who’s being granted ‘asylum’ by any of the muggins governments in other countries.

Can we be given cast-iron assurance that next week, or next month, or next year…


…we won’t see some similar headline…

Penally Transparency? Seriously? More Questions Than Answers! .

After Penally Arson Cover-Up, Now It’s A ‘Sporting Injury?’ 

….about one or more of Priti Patel’s pampered Penally parasites, whose identities, background – AND current criminal activity – are being assiduously covered up by Welsh police, the Home Office…

…and almost all Welsh politicians and the rotten media?

Curious footnote!

…the terrorist was taken to Nafplion’s prosecutor’s office, where he will be detained and deported…


To where?

To resume his satanic activities?

Better to an abattoir than Nafplion, methinks.