In Turdistanada, Pretty Boy Weasels Once More

Justin ‘Pretty Boy’ Turdo has embarrassed Canada again, even more than when he did his prancing in that photo.


No, this time he shamed his country with his weasel words on free speech.

The foul fop has a record of being soft on terrorism, going back at least as far as the Boston Marathon Bombing…

Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

…..and it would be quite wrong to blame it on genetics, even though his equally foul father was similarly without backbone, as when Pierre Elliot Turdo deliberately gave a green light to those murderous FLQ terrorists to fly off to sanctuary with his soul-mate…


Tyrant Castro and Turdo Senior


…the Communist dictator Fidel Castro, who unfortunately died of natural causes before he could be brought to justice.


Turdo Junior has now told Canadians that their freedom of expression, enshrined in the bogus ‘Charter’ devised by Turdo Senior, only extends to saying things that don’t ‘hurt’ people.

The morally vacuous slug does not, however, mean actual hurt, not harm, not injury, but merely ‘hurt feelings!’



How pathetic can it get?

In response to the controversial caricature, Pretty Boy feels that of “freedom of expression is not without limits!”

Why didn’t the slimy swine not just go to Paris and spit on Samuel Paty’s grave, muttering that the slain teacher should not have tried to instill France’s democratic principles in those young pupils. 



Or Pretty Boy might take a stroll to the Charlie Hebdo office and lecture the souls of the murdered staff on how they should never, ever have upset sectarian uptights?

We owe it to ourselves to act with respect for others and to seek not to arbitrarily or unnecessarily injure those with whom we are sharing a society and a planet.”

This from the freak who affronted the best of immigrants to his own country?

In Turdistan, Decent Muslims Protest Junior’s Jihad Jaunt! 

We do not have the right for example to shout fire in a movie theatre crowded with people, there are always limits.”



Smarten up, you wart!

Shouting fire in a movie theatre can cause REAL injury, as people panic, stampeding in fear for their lives.

(Hell, do we honestly have to explain this to the crud!) 

How does anyone compare that to drawing a cartoon?

People may fear for their lives but NOT because of the cartoon!



People fear the savagery of those who make a drawing an excuse for murderous mayhem.

Here in Indonesia, such cartoons, and all kinds of other stuff, are illegal.

That’s Indonesia’s business, whether we foreigners like it or not.

But in France, and Canada, and in Western countries in general, there are no such restrictive laws…

.( well, there are, but they need to be repealed!)


….and any alien who doesn’t like freedom of expression should not choose to settle there.

AND it is the height of intrusive arrogance  for foreign governments to demand that curbs on freedoms be introduced.

NB – It goes without saying that anyone unhappy with cartoons or opinions may express disapproval – but under NO circumstances by violence or threats thereof.



For a louse like Turdo Junior to grovel to such undesirable aliens, whether those in Canada, or wannabe meddlers overseas, is nauseating.