BBC Scandal – A Wee Bit Real News At 8am, GONE An Hour Later!

Oh, yeah, after that fat Democrat boor’s jolly insult-fest, Embley tagged on a report on the ‘Diana’ scandal, on which the BBC is dragging its feet because their ‘Religion Editor’ (yebs, seriously!) Martin Bashir, who is at the heart of the scandal.

He has health issues!


But caught out shopping!

Or so we’re told!

Anyway, after the Vile Voe stuff on their 8am edition, which you can get to read here…

BBC’s Top Leftist Lets Vile Vela Vilify Trump…Without Evidence!! 

….they had the same brief coverage of that story at 9am.

HOWEVER, the next time, just an hour later, they censored their mention that Bashir had been seen out and about  – despite claims he was too unwell to answer questions.

I got back from my shopping at 10.15: and caught that story regurgitated yet again, THIS time with footage of the poor sick ‘Religious Editor’ out in the English winter…

….clearly fit enough to go walkabout, but allegedly too unfit to be subjected to the intense interrogation he deserves.

The BBC’s senior staff are paid absurdly big salaries so he could afford to have his needs delivered, or have a friend, if he has any, fetch needful things for him.

All very odd.

The segment censored at 9am was barely a minute, but it was cut, then restored an hour later?

An internal editorial squabble? UK Pravda up against it, panicking.

We shall see!