BBC’s Top Leftist Lets Vile Vela Vilify Trump…Without Evidence!!

I instantly recognised the grotesquely fat and unpleasant Moe Vela from the last time I’d seen him….Zeinab Presents Balance – Fat Rude Moe V A Polite Republican 

BBC Global Questions

…on Zeinab Badawi’s Global Questions, when his demeanout was such that I was moved to describe him as ‘a fat rude loudmouth, named Moe, with no small opinion of himself, wallowing in self-importance, boasting in detail of his job under Obummer…’



..Loudmouth Lard-Ass Moe Vela

…so was unsurprised at his coarse, offensive diatribe on UK Pravda this morning, about 8.15am Jakarta time.

’Disgusting, despicable, a petulant child…

Those were just some of the insults Vile Voe snarled at Trump, to which Awful Embley smilingly listened, as he chatted with the awfully obese Democrat (describing himself as a ‘dear friend’ of Biden) who was talking about Donald Trump’s dismissal of Defence Secretary Esper.

That’s an entirely legitimate termination, of course, since there’s been no Electoral College meeting to determine the outcome of the election and there are several court challenges to the voting process.

In any case, even if Biden is eventually declared winner ( by the constitutional authorities, such as the GSA -see below – not by the media wing of Biden’s party!) Trump is still President till 20th January.

The GSA is the legal body concerned, which has NOT declared any ‘President Elect!’ GSA Responds to Biden Campaign: ‘Ascertainment Has Not yet Been Made’ on Power Transfer

So why was Vile Voe vituperating thus?

No articulate reason to be heard!

However, when Embley, as a practitioner of fair and balanced BBC journalism, introduced a pro-Trump guest…



…hey, get a grip!

As you’d expect, no such person was made available to refute the warthog’s vilification of President Trump.

I  hung on while preparing to go shopping, till the 9am news.

Embley had David Marchick, another ‘non-partisan’ expert (Hee-Haw!) lamenting that the GSA had not declared Biden the winner.

Embley asked him if there was ‘any way the process could be forced.’

Marchick whined that forcing the process had never been attempted.

Meanwhile, the unattractive leftist lesbian Rapino…

Will U.S. Soccer Bosses Bend Over For Lesbian Leftist? 

So It Wasn’t “AOC’s” Boy-Friend! 

had popped up and spoken to Jo Currie on BBC Sport.

But not about sport.

It was another case of BBC providing a platform for the ‘first to kneel’ fanatic to promote her political views.

NB Jo currie did the usual UK Pravda trick, referring to ‘police brutality,’ not ‘alleged’ police brutality.’’