Alarming – For All Of Us Who Love Indonesia!

As anyone who knows me surely knows….


I also believe that millions of good Indonesians, of all religions, who share my distaste for the kind of fanaticism we wrote about just a day or so ago…..

The Fanatic Returns! Indonesian “Scholar” Offers Warm Welcome!

….will also have been as aghast as I was, to learn that a serving soldier in the TNI, Indonesia’s Armed Forces…


 ‘ With the People, the TNI is Strong!’


…felt emboldened –  whilst on duty! – to record himself blatting out a sycophantic tribute to that fanatic leader whose arrival at Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International airport…


Decent airport-bound travellers, forced to go on foot, carrying their bags


…caused misery to so many honest citizens trying to catch their flights.

Here’s what the extremist’s admirer had to say.

On the way to the airport, preparing for the security of Grand Imam Habib Rizieq Shihab.

“We are with you, Grand Imam Habib Rizieq Shihab. Takbir. Allahu Akbar.” / viral-members-tni-shout-we-with-you-habib-rizieq-shihab-kodam-jaya-will-be sanctioned

Both links, above and below, ought to afford you access to the video.

Otherwise, just put two words, ‘rizieq TNI’ into Google Search (Videos)

The bad news is that such a person should have managed to join and remain in the armed services, which are duty bound to uphold Indonesia’s pluralist Pancasila democratic republic.


Pancasila – symbolising unity in diversity


The good news is that the culprit was quickly identified and is to be ‘sanctioned. 

Kapendam Jaya Colonel Inf Refki Efriandana Edwar said the member in the video was Kopda Asyari Tri Yudha, a member of Company A Yonzikon 11 Kodam Jaya.

The colonel has not, however, given details of the sanctions this exalter of sectarian fanaticism may suffer.

Clarification will presumably, in due course, be published.

One might hope there will also be an investigation into how widespread such unwholesome allegiances are, in all branches of the TNI.

One hopes there are few such rotten apples in the barrel!