OMG! Yet Another Penally Cover-Up? Whodunnit?

How many times have we had to draw attention to the total lack of transparency over crime at the Penally ‘asylum’ camp in Wales?

Penally Transparency? Seriously? More Questions Than Answers! 

We said recently that it is glaringly obvious that much of the media is either too lazy or too complicit to highlight what kind of persons are lodged in the ‘accommodation’ camp in Penally in Wales.

Neither the police nor the media have yet identified the crimmigrant arsonist!


Reminder! Will Penally Arson Cover-Up Be Busted? 

NOW there’s been an outbreak of violence –

…sorry, ANOTHER outbreak of violence…

…involving no less than FIVE individuals  – whose identities, and even more importantly whose status, got the full cover-up treatment in the local newspaper.



An eyewitness said police were called to assist security on November 10, with four police vehicles in attendance.

A police spokesman said: “During the evening of Tuesday, November 10, a disturbance was reported at the Penally Asylum Accommodation Centre.“Officers attended and five males were arrested for minor assaults. There are no suspects outstanding and enquiries are ongoing.”


This is a damn disgrace.

We are not told if this mayhem involved criminal inmates, or intruders, or staff.

It seems unlikely the camp staff were brawling…

…and if the cops cower from telling the truth about who perpetrated the violence, it leaves the public, and especially the nearby villagers, not bewitched but certainly bothered and bewildered!