Canada’s Wonky Justice System – A Sane Judge, A Bad Board!

Many of us who follow Canadian news have been tempted to wash our hands of the vapourings we hear from the judiciary and its connected apparatchiks there.

However, hope still springs, if not eternal, at least briefly, when we read in Rebel news…



…that a Vancouver Supreme Court judge has issued an injunction against a cosmetic surgeon from proceeding with the removal of a transgender-identifying teenage girl’s breasts.

You should read the whole report, but please note that the final words down the page are –

This is believed to be the first such order of its kind in Canada

Canada has fallen so far in recent years, decades really, that we have to say one swallow does not make a summer.

Stating the obvious?

Yes, but my outburst is appropriate and timely, in view of this other news, reported mere days ago.

Carlos Larmond, 29, was granted the right to visit the resort by the Parole Board of Canada despite his sentencing requirement to spend nights at a halfway house. The Parole Board ordered Larmond be moved to a halfway house less than a year ago on the grounds that he posed an “undue risk to society.”


An ’undue risk to society?’

So who’s Larmond?

He’s a traitorous scumbag who did his damnedest to join the ISIS Rape-Gang!


Hmmm…’living quietly?

If Canada had capital punishment, which is the only fit punishment for treason….



…he’d be a lot quieter. 

And Canadians would be a lot safer!


Decent people could enjoy their skiing weekends without looking over their shoulders to see what might be prowling behind them.

Yet while the Canadian Opposition leader has spoken up about the widespread public concern on this outrageous walk-about, Justin Turdo’s minister responsible for these matters….


Bill Blair - 2012 (cropped).jpg



…Bill Blair MP, has REFUSED to explain the reasoning behind the move, much less act to purge that ‘Parole Board of Canada’ of the demented drips who authorised Larmond’s jolly outing!


Note – Blair is a former top cop, and his failure to crack down on the Tamil undesirables who paralysed Toronto –

‘Poor, Persecuted’ Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 


Toronto traffic chaos, thanks to Tamil ingrates

 – makes fascinating reading – see Blair’s Wikipedia entry!


This kind of nincompoopery is of course not unique to Canada.

John Worboys.

Worboys Deserves Death – Hardwick Deserves Dismissal! 

Nobody should forget what happened in the UK nearly three years ago!

But I bet regardless of whether they SHOULD remember, the in-crowd hope the rest of us have short memories.