Colourful Language And Clarke’s Resignation!

The BBC is now telling its millions of English-speakers how they may use the English language….

Warning: This report contains offensive language.

Greg Clarke has resigned as chairman of the Football Association after using offensive language about black players.

The FA boss had used the term “coloured footballers” as he spoke to MPs about diversity and racial abuse against black players.

He apologised…



Unbelievably, that arrogant chunk of hogwash ( without the pictorial embellishments, which are mine!) appear on the BBC’s website…


UNSIGNED…so it’s not there as a personal opinion penned by one of their Bigot Bias Coven, but as some sort of compressed multicultist Ten Commandments.

Like most people, I was incensed when I heard some slimy uptight cur on UK Pravda yesterday telling us that the Football Association’s Mr. Greg Clarke….


Greg Clarke


….had committed the high crime and misdemeanour of ‘outdated and offensive’ language and that UK Pravda was apologising in advance for inflicting torture on hyper-sensitive creeps among its global audience.

I steeled myself for the auditory ordeal, wondering if, even in the interests of transparency, the BBC would air the notorious ‘N’ word.

Fat chance!

Instead, we had a pleasant man in middle age talking sympatheitcally about the problems of coloured people.

I waited.

When was Clarke going to snarl and turn ‘offensive?’

His Football Association has shown itself pathetic and servile, true…

Petition To Football Association – Scrap The BLM Cr-p! 

… but on this particular day he was stating obvious truths, that South Asians were well-known for tech skills, that black men often turned out to be skilled footballers.

The man was speaking in perfectly normal, understandable, modern English.

Nothing ‘outdated.’

Then the chairman of the House of Commons Committee he was talking to….


Official portrait of Kevin Brennan MP crop 2.jpg


..a Stalinoid puke named Kevin Brennan MP, asked him in intimidatory manner if he ‘would withdraw‘ the words used.

So what did the victim of the witch-hunt actually say?

….he used the term “coloured” to describe black, Asian and minority ethnic people and suggested that “different career interests” led south Asian people to choose careers in IT over sport. He also described a gay player coming out as a ‘life choice’ and recounted an anecdote about girl footballers being afraid to be hit by a ball….

In other words, NOTHING remotely offensive!

Nor outdated. 

Later we saw another Stalinoid puke, a nasty uptight called Sanjay, Bhandari, apparently head-berk with a whine-gang called ‘Kick It Out,’ who eagerly put the boot in…



…while some  BBC bum, Dan Roan, ‘sports editor,’ was soon righteously rabbiting about how the victim had shown how ‘the game has failed to move forward.’

I’d not seen or heard of Roan before…


BBC Sport’s Dan Roan ‘taken off air’ after offensive comments about tragic Leicester City owner – as he faces calls to resign..


….so checked up and learned that he is a slimy creep, who scurrilously, swinishly, gossiped about a dead man at the scene of the crash in which the man had died horribly.

Mr Roan was picked up on a live Sky News feed having a conversation in which he mocked Mr Srivaddhanaprabha’s marriage and hinted that his assistant was also his ‘mistress’.

What a pig!

But the BBC didn’t fire him, despite a petition from angry citizens!

They wallow in tax-payers’ money but they refused to tell tax-payers what, if any, disciplinary measures were taken against Rotter Roan!

Of course BBC rather like pigs.


BBC’s Beastly Begum-Symp – More Awful Than Maitlis

They really, really like pigs – they employ Emma Barnett, don’t they!

And every UK Pravda parasite has its snout in the tax-trough!



According to various media reports, nobody on that parliamentary committee spoke up on Clarke’s behalf.

Nobody declared that a Brit in his parliament could and should speak freely, with being subjected to PC bullying.

One ‘Conservative’ MP Julian Knight…


Official portrait of Julian Knight MP crop 2.jpg

Julian Knight MP


…brayed about how the victim was right to apologise, which is absolute drivel.

Clarke should have told Commissar Brennan to get stuffed.

He should have reminded the Commons cowards that the real people of the UK do not like being lectured and bullied by Politically Correct low-lifes.

Or Tory turds like Julian Knight, who is himself ex-BBC, and a Remainer, exactly the sort who should be de-selected.