BLM/Red Nazis Attack Family – What BBC Hid!

About an hour ago, UK Pravda’s ‘news’ showed us the scenes in Washington DC, thousands of patriotic citizens showing support for their President.



The ‘news’ flunkey, who resembled a bored bloodhound, droned out the BBC approved propaganda line, that the patriots were showing support, not for Trump’s “claims….”

…but his ‘unsubstantiated claims’ – just in case we viewers might get presumptuous and imagine we can examine the claims and make up our minds for ourselves…

BBC’s ‘Without Evidence’ Big Lie? Don’t Be Taken In! 

….without instruction from the Media-Democrat Party and their running-dogs in London.

There was reference to violence, and mention that the President had blamed the Antifa Red Nazis, plus a farcical statement that he had not ‘called for calm.’



As if the far-left scumbags of BLM/Antifa….

….would pay any heed to any voice of reason.

Anyway, here’s just some of what the BBC failed to report…


Epoch Times Photo

Red vermin burning Stars and Stripes in Washington DC

…about how the far-left’s filthy savages got up to!

Video from Saturday shows a group dressed in all black holding bright orange “Refuse Fascism” signs pursue a multiracial family, which included three young children. Several people in the mob get in the face of the black mother who is wearing a Trump jacket and pushing a stroller with an infant at Black Lives Matter Plaza….