Bravo Nikita! Sexy Star Faces Fanatic Mob Threat!

It must be darn near eight years since I first applauded the beautiful actress Nikita Mirzani…


Yes, THAT Nikita Mirzani, and there’s my fave photo of the ‘controversial’ movie star, the one I used when first she stood up to the intolerants in Indonesia.



…and now she’s back in the news for much the same thing, incurring the wrath of fanatics.

South Jakarta Police have ordered extra patrols near her home, for fear of mob attack by sectarian louts!

The case began when Nikita Mirzani commented on the return of Habib Rizieq, the ‘grand imam’ of the Islam Defenders Front, the FPI…

Her comment was dismissive of the extremist leader…

  • FPI ‘grand imam Habib Rizieq who suggested the Christian Governor Ahok be slain for unacceptably quoting some Koranic verse –.We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq


The Fanatic Returns! Indonesian “Scholar” Offers Warm Welcome!

..and she referred to him as a tukang obat.

Tukang is a common word here.

I buy my vegetables from a tukang sayur. A carpenter is a tukang kayu, a gardener is a tukang kebon – so it is not at all derogatory.

Hence when used with obat, medicine, it depends on who gets called what, I suppose. I’ve been called much worse names than tukang obat, ‘medicine man,‘ as Google Translate renders it.

I postponed publishing this till my ever-welcome Indonesian visitor came by today, so that I might seek further clarification.

Now I’m advised tukang obat can also mean what Americans 100 years ago used to call a snake-oil salesman.

Okay, hardly flattering, but there are many harsher names to call people.

Like ‘banci!’

As in Rizieq’s insult to then President SBY, quoted in 30.7.2011, when the FPI were raging against religious liberty, driven by their hatred of the peaceful Ahmadi minority.

   “If SBY won’t dissolve Ahmadiyah, SBY is a banci!” b 

And what are bancis? 

The transvestite freaks that prowl the canal bank downtown at night, offering entertainment and more to interested passers-by.

Very unflattering, to be likened to those!


However, it seems that Rizieq is most upset at Nikita’s mild epithet. His lawyer has threatened to report Nikita to the police!

Such sensitive souls, some of these deeply religious persons.



Some of you will remember FPI notable Novel Bakmunin, famed for his tolerance.…


Novel has featured here before, for enlightened statements which bring such credit to his cause.   

 “…women already have limitations, let alone non- Muslims!”

….and here’s what he had to say, a day or so ago.

If she doesn’t apologise, I take no responsibility for mayhem on the part of Muslims who are Habib devotees.’


One might hope any responsible citizen, especially those in public life, would seize the opportunity to call on everyone to behave like grown-ups, not tantrum brats.

For her part, Nikita declared she is unafraid and had supporters herself whom she could count on.



I’ll bet she has LOTS of supporters!

Tempo further reports that it wasn’t long before a Rizieq fan named Maaher warned that he could raise a mob of 800 to lay siege to Nikita’s home, were no apology forthcoming within 24 hours.


I can certainly understand if Muslims are upset by insults to their Prophet.

But us mere humans, once past adolescence, normally learn to handle harsh comments on ourselves without resort to gangster tactics.


If you’re a public figure, as Rizieq is, one gets called names. Most can take that in their stride.

But he isn’t fond of criticism, and the FPI is notorious not only for bloodthirsty threats…


…but also for violence…


…though it’s fair to say that, when they don’t outnumber their targets…

fpi skulk in mosque

IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck

…the extent of their true valour is interesting to examine.

And it isn’t, of course, just the FPI – there are plenty of malevolent street rabble here, as in many another country, such as the marxist BLM scum in the USA…

Foul-Mouths Menace 77-Year-Old, Screaming ‘F His Wife!’ 

….to whom besieging and terrorising those they perceive as vulnerable, might seem a beguiling way to pass their mindless time.

One hopes that, if they show up to menace Nikita, the police will show no hesitation about teaching them a lesson in manners.